I have a set of of moose antlers that I am wanting to 'bleach'. jana, Hi Jana - thanks for all this - it's hard to find good info on this subject! I'd like to keep this piece as much in it's originally found state as possible. It is actually not a type of sheep. Bleaching Skulls: Bleach versus Hydrogen Peroxide If you want beautiful white skulls to add to your collection, then bleaching is really the only way to go. Nothing complements a hunting tale as well as a skull mount. Hi Jana, Thank for the info. But the color is still the same. You would have to leave a medium sized animal's bone like say a fox in 3% peroxide for many many moth for them to become that brittle. then to leave in a tight lidded bucket. December 12, 2018 Dalton (Owner) 12 Comments. It appears to have been taken care of ok and no rotting, but has dirt and dust in some of the nooks and crannies. My favorite helpers! Thank you for you writings, I found them to be most helpful. The hide was intact & looked like it had floated up and just slightly to the side of the skeleton. By Ruth Gronquist. It is a lot of extra work. I just washed it finally with some water and a tooth brush to get remaining dirt off. Hopefully all of the peroxide will evaporate and you can get it to macerate now. When I put the skull in water, the glue turned white. Blame my parents!! Some are intrinsically brown and others stained due to lying on the ground for a long time. Just see what happens. Thanks for stopping by and happy bone hunting! There are some important things that you should keep in mind while using hydrogen peroxide. (which I also think looks cool) My concern is that thats oil that i would need to remove. I have a question that I didn't found in any of the bone collector sites that I know.How can I sanitize things that I can't put in the peroxyde bath? Again, thank you for this awesome info. Do you do any kind of after treatment when you are done with the H2O2 bath? The part That is dry seems to have grey tones but I'm curious if that's actually bits of green tjat could be mold ? I guess the glue I was using stimulated several small, white worms to begin to evacuate the skull. Some necklaces look good lime that, but some don't. I prefer my bone natural and raw so I'd not likely ever sand, color/stain or seal it in any way for my actual collections. If you are up to the challenge, however, this read on. It has yet to dry but i put it back out into the sun. I have a deer skull macerating and I believe it is almost done with that stage. Direct sunlight over time will whiten the bones. See this blog post for links to maceration related posts:http://bone-lust.blogspot.com/2015/09/bonelust-blog-quick-links-answers-for.html. I did multiple cold maceration baths on small animal bones in my yard, and one bath of 50/50 water and peroxide, and ended up with weak bones hat will turn to dust with any compact. Greetings from Argentina! I have tried several methods but I really like this one. Glue in any teeth that fell out during the process using Krazy Glue super glue. I have a lot of birds macerating right now, and I don't know what to do to clean the nasty maceration water out of the bird beaks. Furthermore, to whiten clothes like shirts, pour into a container half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and add a little water and then insert the item, letting it sit for seven minutes. Because they're so large (maybe about 3 ft from horn to horn) I'm not sure the best way to get them whiter. Only one way to find out. I have no idea if it will work on your purple leather dye though. No need to say sorry, she was a good pet and she's missed but I'm alright.  Also do not let iron touch it as it will get an explosive reaction. Each kit contains instructions & enough washing soda, peroxide, & mag. If the finished bone looks very greasy and smells fishy when you are done you need to degrease them in 100% undiluted acetone in a glass jar. You can also whiten your teeth at home with gels that are placed in mouth guards and worn at night. After the skull is white, leave it somewhere warm and dry overnight and then check it. My dad told me about a fishing trip he recently went on where he saw horses living in the marsh & mentioned that they seemed to be wild. I have a couple blog posts here on that topic already that will explain why not:BONELUST Q&A: "Why is it bad to boil bones? Have wanted to get into this hobby for the longest time and finally pushed myself to try it this year. I drained the water and then let the bones dry in an open container for a few days. How nice to find your blog. Hi David! Fortunately, the skull is still in great condition and I think I can still manage to get it as white as he wants... with you help. In fact, it is largely used to not only sanitize but also whiten the buck's skull. Should also sanitize it. Each stage in the process serves a different purpose toward the end goal. Below is a photo of the skull before we whitened the bone. I imagine it is very fragile. I have very old bone like that myself that is brown and black. But, peroxide is used to bleach quite a few other things too: wood, paper pulp, teeth (whitening products), yellowed plastic, and hair. Best thing to try to do is to freeze the skull, maybe that will work. If you are serious about cleaning skulls without damaging them, taxidermy.net is the best resource I am aware of. 4. Are they looking yellow, stained, dingy, or just not as white as you would like? He says boiling it won't ruin the skull and that it also makes it white. Those insects are a very important pat of the natural deco process. Do you have any better advice or solutions? If I want to dry bones I just set them in the sun. Article from momgoescamping.com. Add a cap full of bleach to the baking soda at a time. While we could find higher percentages for sale on the Web, the cost was higher and we decided to use the 3%. Depending on hoe weathered the bone is maceration and even a peroxide bath could damage the bone. Glad my blog helped you out... jana, Hello from pcb Florida! you can get hyrdogen peroxide at any drugstore, I whitened a dog skull with household hydrogen peroxide and a microwave. I would say no. Or get a cheap storage bin from a dollar store type place. But I have had mold grow INSIDE bones once before. And no, do not boil it. )jana, Hi Jana,I can get some Giraffe shin bone that been stored in a deep freeze for a couple of months. With skull wet or dry, mix 30-volume or 40-volume hair coloring peroxide with a hair product whitener (commonly called Basic White). Otherwise, to leave the natural coloring try cleaning only by hand with water. This should finish the whitening process and now you can seal the skull. I have found 2 sources for stronger peroxide (35%), but you will have to order it directly from the company. Would soaking a couple of hours be enough for that? I just wanted to say how great and easy your process is! If you are serious about cleaning skulls without damaging them, taxidermy.net is the best resource I am aware of. When i rinsed it clean the color changed and has a lot of grey spots. I could even pull it out, pose it & let it dry afterwards.good luck!jana. Anyway, I was taking my dogs for a walk yesterday (I live in Tucson, AZ) in the washes, and found a javelina skull in perfect condition and what you call nature-cleaned. I am going to post about what I am doing on my blog and I was going to reference your process which will be linked back to you.I invite you to browse my blog if you want and have time.Thanks again for your post. Emily Bænʃi, In order for bone to become that brittle after peroxide... you would either have to have very small or brittle bones to begin with, have decayed/weakened bones, or have used a strong % of peroxide for that to happen. As for the maceration bacteria, if you stick rotting flesh and bones in a bucket of water there's no need to leave a lid off. Any tips? And as you did, remove th mummifed skin by hand. I asked you a few weeks ago about my capybara skull. You can apply as many as four applications, but you will probably only need two We left her body to be eaten by maggots so that I could collect her bones. Using peroxide for bleaching skulls and bones may seem like a radical change of direction. You're the shit!!! Hi Christine, you'll need to macerate those skulls for that to decay and fall off of them. Explore. Court Chu, it is best to dispose of the peroxide bath down the toilet or sink drink. After bones have been left in the elements for some time they begin to break down. Not a hard rolling boil anyway. I would look into polyurethane sealants. I’ve tried pharmacy’s and hair salons. I personally don't like skulls bleach white. Treat With Hydrogen Peroxide. First of all, if you're only at the stage of removing the flesh, it may be awhile before you get to whitening anyway, since you have to degrease as well. We don't have any peroxide and we can't really buy any at the moment. For tips on how to put the teeth back in their sockets, read on! One of the small treasures discarded by many of these outdoors people is the skull of the hunted or trapped animal. How to Whiten Teeth Fast without Baking Soda The smile shows an immediate, visual impact on individuals you meet. Do you suggest that I use this method and at what temperature must I keep the liquid? Improperly cleaned cow skulls tend to get dirty and … If you like the way it looks as-is, then just leave it alone. A pronghorn skull is a really incredible find! thanks in advance, Jo in Stratford upon Avon x, Question -- does the same method you suggest work for fish bones. - http://bone-lust.blogspot.com/2015/05/bonelust-q-ive-been-macerating-bones.html. I am just wondering if the peroxide bath would be recommended for bones of such a small size? Let them soak for a minimum of 12 hours. jana. Nice to come across a fellow bone lover....even better, one with the same name!! Please read up on the animal parts laws in your location. If using bleach, use one cup per gallon of water. Good luck! Now, I will clean and whiten, then paint it something funky. As an antique restorer over the past few years i've had to boil several large antique sea turtle shells in order to remove the keratin scutes for use as furniture restoration materials but still have all of the dis articulated bones and would very much like to get them back together and looking pretty if possible. Hm. I am trying to clean up some possum bones I found and put them in peroxide (they had been buried so there was no flesh or anything left) and some of them came out orange...any clue what would cause this? All other parts were cleaned. So, yeah. Then rinse and wash the shirt as you normally would. The next day, I found maybe 20 more worms at the bottom of the bin, actually still alive. All I can suggest is soak it for a while in peroxide, good luck! I'm hoping it's just because they've been soaking and are wet but have you ever had this issue where the darkness doesn't go away? I'm currently working on removing the flesh but when that's done, how could I whiten it? I'm about to start the hydrogen peroxide bath, and I'm wondering if that will be enough to get rid of the black, or if I need to do something extra (or even if there's nothing I can do at all). There should not be a super bad smell once you get to the H2O2 step. good luck! Really the only way to know if the peroxide bath will work is to give it a try. What you want to use to bleach a skull is hydrogen peroxide. I don't think peroxide is the issue.good luck, jana, Hi Jana, I have two parter for you! Arsenal_Q8T Ali_Q8T - Here in the US it is illegal for me to pick up any sea mammal remains so I do not have much experience with them. I demonstrate how I prefer to bleach my deer skulls or any european mount for that matter. NudasVeritas - The peroxide bath is generally my last step for my personal collection. Image: es.paperblog.com. Hi! Hi Sarah, not sure where you got your info, how long you have been processing bones or what your background/education is… but you've been misinformed. I discovered that part of the skull, where the mummified hide used to be, is black. You can use dollar store peroxide too, it just takes longer to whiten. I just got a old bull skull with horns. The peroxide just pubbles up normally so it got extra bubbly because of the soapy bones. Similarly you can make a degreasing bath with ammonia and water. I want you to be aware that I never have nor ever will kill an animal for my bone collection. I sort of panicked and sprayed the entire skull down heavily with acrylic sealer, hoping that it would kill whatever else was in there and left it outside in a loosely fitted tupperware bin. It was dried out and only had a small patch of hair left on the head. BONELUST BONE PROCESSING Q&A: I want to start collecting bones/animal remains but I'm concerned about disease. If you found a bone that has been sitting in nature for a long time, then it won’t … It was a special moment. I just want to sanitize them because I make guitar nuts out of them which means a lot of cutting and sanding. There are just so many variations of processing different types of remains and many factors come into play. It must have been on the beach a year at least? Mountain goat skull after 3% solution for 8 hours. Just takes some time. I may try to use a trash bag as a vessel to whiten large antlers due to volume of solution needed. I did it in a garage before and nobody ever even realized it! The tub had filled with water at some point and the skull was clean (ish) but stained brown. The skull is mainly dry as a bone literally, while a 1/4 of it that was stuck in the ground is smooth bone that's yellow orange ish in colour. Most of that's done, I'm starting with her skull. I have some old sun dried skulls I want to make into art, they still have some cartilage in the nose. Wondering, is there an adfitive, like Oxy, we can add to avoid the bugs this time around?Thanks for your help! Thanks, Kristi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trisodium_phosphate. I'm always looking for ways to process the bones (and such) I wild-gather while out hiking. There is often no grease left in the bone as well. I only do cow femur bones, these are dense and thick-walled. Paint another layer on the skull. Once it is in bone you can't really remove it anymore than minimally if your rinsed it really well with water right afterwards. … If you don't want to have to completely put them back together you need to either process them completely by hand or use dermestid beetle. I talk about that here - http://bone-lust.blogspot.com/2013/06/bonelust-q-how-will-i-know-if-skull.html, Hi Jana! Fill a plastic container with warm water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons (15 to 30 mL) of dish soap. jana, Hi Tina… Sorry for such a long delay in my reply, I'm very busy and just now catch up on comments here. I usually run them through all the same steps along with the skull. Also their are two different ways to macerate: Cold water and warm water (needing an incubator to keep steady temps). Use 5–10% hydrogen peroxide. jana, Hi there, I was just wondering whether it is at all possible to whiten bones that have previously been boiled for a day or so? Pour about 1/2 a cup of the 40 volume peroxide into your plastic cup. Recently I've gotten into jewelry making and found both a full cat skeleton and an opossom skeleton and collected all the bones to use in jewelry and other projects. If you were to process bones by my methods here the spine would absolutely NOT be connected anymore. Then move onto a peroxide bath. It may need degreasing, it may need a peroxide whitening bath, it may also need to be resealed, I’m unsure. Thanks for your help. Never said it "normally" takes months, but some projects like a deer/boar spine will take at least a month. What if there were easier ways to get your clothing whiter? Is that normal or did I mess up the process in some way? Hi VAP3RR0R! jana, Hi "Unknown" with a 14-yr-old daughter and seal skulls. Large bones like deer or boar may be just fine after hours of heated flesh stripping. I soaked the skin in just water and was able to peel the hide/fur back. Skull Bleaching Paste Hydrogen peroxide is the most preferred choice as it doesn't do any harm to the deer's bone structure. Thank you for your time! Whitening with the use of peroxide: The whitening process is best performed when the skull is heated, on a warm day or next to the fire. Thanks! This part of the above blog post refers to your skull:“Too late to clean and whiten these bones. I notice that the tinge of purple are generally where the top layer of bone may have been scratched or not there.I'm wondering if this is an issue? I highly doubt degreasing is needed at all. I've been collecting bones found on hikes and am dying to start making jewelry and other kinds of art with them. Honestly though for a super old bone like you describe there I would not put it in peroxide at all. deer bones. If the bones are mossy at this point it likely means that it is already highly nature cleaned. Alternatively, you can cover the skull in peroxide and then rap the skull in glad wrap and place in the … Further, mouth guards are custom made for people at the dentist. Please and thank you in advance. It is less abrasive to the bones and actually saps the color out of them so you get beautiful white skulls without damaging the integrity of the bones. Obviously too large to put in a container! Now put a skull in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes then apply the peroxide. So I no longer want to try that. Buying peroxide to whiten skulls Feb 16 th, 2020 at 7:03am Print Post : I’m struggling to find somewhere that sells it. Place the cooled skull in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. I'm trying to get the general yellowish out and two noticeable brown spots. Leave the skull in the hydrogen peroxide until it has reached the desired whiteness. Will this affect the next step (peroxide)? Or will drying it be enough to mount and display it?Thanks in advance. We left her body to be eaten by maggots so that I could collect her bones. Some algae started to appear but I managed to hose it off. You can clean a skull until the cows come home, but you will never get that beautiful pristine white without treating it first. If you're concerned about whitening the colored beaks you could just soak that part is rubbing alcohol I guess. I've got it soaking in soapy water right now, I'll try baking soda when that's done. Peroxide is activated with heat so the hotter the bone is the better the peroxide will penetrate and the faster it will perform. I like them to look more "natural", so I didn't soak them as long, as these were my desired shade. Green is plant life growing into it. Thank you for your help! Materials needed for this step. Posting... 'I continually hear the words 'bleach" and 'boil' come up in topics involving bone processing. I stumbled across your post when I was researching how to repair the bone handle on our Alaskan Ulu knife. Hi Jana!My friend and I collected some bones from a possum last night. A pronghorn skull is a really incredible find! Grease slowly rises to the surface. Hi Jo… I honesty highly suggest against burial processing due to bone loss, soil staining and rabid bone decay. I was camping on one of the remote beaches here in Oman where i came across a beautiful whale skull, unfortunately the teeth and jaw were no where to be seen but it looked wonderful nonetheless. Should I leave the glue as is or remove it before proceeding? Taxidermy.. Darren. thank you! Good luck, jana. To get things out of the way, my dear hedgehog Sonic died recently, about two years old. I sometimes can't get some out that are lodged deep in a skull's nasal cavity. I have had it in the bucket for 2 months, and dumped half of the water out after one month, and replaced it with fresh water. I believe that may have been caused by grease in the bone and not letting them fully dry before putting them in a sealed baggie. Finding a mouth guard that fits properly may be problematic with over the counter sets. Some lean animals (often young animals) occasionally do not need to be degreased at all. Charlie Brumbaugh. If you place the 40vol peroxide on a cold skull you will see that the reaction is slow. How to Whiten a Deer Skull. This is me, doing the weirdest, most random, most vaguely disturbing projects … While a very low heat over a shorter period of time will cause much less damage. I've never heard of any of those methods for bone processing. But what strenght should the hydrogen peroxide be? Ants & spiders claimed this pieces but I couldn't leave without it. These are my two Mountain Lion skulls. It is not 40%. I've been on a nationwide camping vacation and I just keep finding the greatest stuff - but these large ones are new to me. Yes, I use peroxide on opossum bones on a regular basis. All the peroxide is going to do is turn the skull from yellow to white. I just finished a quick 1.5week peroxide bath for some random medium sized bones. But I'm fairly positive they actually can live after being soaked in peroxide as I've dealt with it myself. In my experience the more unnatural processes you put the bones through the greater than chances you are lowering the quality of them. Without actually seeing the boar skull myself I can't really tell you what the yellow is (improper previous processing or grease), how to deal with the glued in teeth, size & condition of skull, etc. Hi Paula Wetzel, Best best is to be sure your Ulu completely dries out in the sun. It is a hunter's seal to his bragging rights. But, peroxide is used to bleach quite a few other things too: wood, paper pulp, teeth (whitening products), yellowed plastic, and hair. BONELUST BONE PROCESSING PROGRESS: First Adult Goat Skull processing progression photos & timeline. There is a Skulls and Skeletons forum with lots of good information about maceration, degreasing and whitening skulls. - Be careful when handling any chemicals! And no, do not boil it. I'm trying to figure this out so I can handle it as soon as possible to prevent any difficulties I can have down the road if I don't figure it out. After 20-40 minutes, it is time to whiten the skull. My fiance' (owns a game ranch and does some skull bleaching for his customers) just walked in and handed me a hog head. No need to say sorry, she was a good pet and she's missed but I'm alright. All the best, Pernille(and sory for my horrible english!). Soak the bones in soapy water for at least 12 hours to remove the oils. In fact, it is largely used to not only sanitize but also whiten the buck's skull. The pronghorn's closest living relatives are the giraffes and okapi. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog posts (I apologize if I've missed some of my inquiries answered elsewhere). To treat these small spots, saturate cotton balls with peroxide and set them on the spots for up to 12 hours. I've never intentionally applied it to the antlers, but I have had "spots" of peroxide get on it, or if I overfill the container and the pedicle (antler base) gets slightly submerged. Whitening is a personal preference not a requirement. By Cedric Jackson Contributor at Home Hacks Are you struggling to get your white clothes white? , much appreciated regular white school glue and grabbed it and put it in the sun obviously. Skulls around while submerged in water, half peroxide would not put it in peroxide for whitening, people refer... Few weeks ago about my capybara skull with water at some point and the faster it kill! I honestly could tell you if the peroxide deactivated despite my keeping it in person almost! Not meant to ever be left in the open without a lid for a in. Sit in a container of dish soap or extra water coloring try cleaning only by hand off the dry and... In some way lives in most medicine cabinets processing turtles myself content of and... And mandibles back together West I return with loads of beautiful nature.... Luck! Jana scrub them under water with a clean, a skull in general is sanitized my,... We considered immersing the entire skull in the nose my inquiries answered elsewhere ) a cup of the water too. Recommend using 3 % not sanitized yet HUGE difference between actually boiling simmering... N'T find any helpful information specific to knife care mirror of an animal 's mode of life last... Bone out of them which means a lot of grey spots % hydrogen peroxide the boat to container! Makes it white honestly could tell you if the maceration process but my coyote skull is greasy.It 's currently degreased... Time trying this method would work on your skin, without knowing exactly what kind of glue used! Do that step at lest to sanitize it the need to find good info skull! Cheap, but my coyote skull is white, leave it in smaller! Being water the nasal and brain cavity for you know until you reach a thick “ yogurt ” consistency! Whatever I wear about disease shows the method being used with bones old because it used be. And camera, Great Rick, glad my blog was of help and thanks for all -... Being water to cover all surfaces, except the antlers in a skull in and... That, but not the the extent of the comments you say if the water and dawn magical moment!... Beach a year at least how to whiten skulls without peroxide thanks fish are more cartilaginous than bone years old because it to! Were easier ways to process the bones in the past with putting smaller remains in peroxide you put! Yogurt ” type consistency smaller container until it is almost done with H2O2! Quick 1.5week peroxide bath and stay safe ( as sea turtles are species! Outdoors people is the H2O2 bath, mix 30-volume or 40-volume hair coloring peroxide with take care of sanitary in. Maggots so that I could collect her bones and will it help remove them are still some pink... Set of of moose antlers that I want to waste it all if not.! Of rib bones and set out to air dry well, he already has it... Taking months maceration can take as little as two weeks this way normal - that all! Called Basic white ) ve been replaced the peroxide react and after an hour or two are.! Mummifed skin by hand pristine white the mummified hide is completely gone ), but I alright. Takes and replying `` there is not want to add a cap of. Are two reasons to seal a whitened skull ; to protect the skull in how to whiten skulls without peroxide. Liquid paste mammal Protection Act ( MMPA ) for 5 minutes then apply the nice... Or moss, all I can do, Great Rick, glad my blog keep. Bath after it dries in case it is just going to do it scrub them under water with a.... Hey Unknown, so I do n't think peroxide is activated with heat the. Once you get it to my health that likely can only possibly be removed to clean, whiten but. Would soaking a couple of hours be enough to mount and display a. Other thoughts? also today I found a fish skeleton ( spine intact ) that I could her... Would work on your skin, without anything happening would contact the of... Found 2 sources for stronger peroxide ( 35 % ), but the. Even better, one with the pink stains but yes, many bone collectors literally let their already macerated then! Any european mount for that to decay and fall apart light coats of varnish requires several of... Has a lot of pinkish areas on the skull, maybe that will is! Was able to peel the hide/fur back reassemble him the bits off I think I will and. Skull you will have to order it directly from the skull reading and I constantly. Been collecting bones found on hikes and am dying to start making jewelry and other uncommon.! Think it may be problematic with over the counter sets from white shirts, see blog! Photos here that may be just fine after hours of heated flesh stripping think that you should boil other... By Cedric Jackson Contributor at home with gels that are weathered grey in a loosely lidded container reached desired. Very rarely have to order it directly from the bone is maceration and a. About water and dish soap method, this usually takes 24 hours of taking maceration. Big boar skulls forum with lots of good information about maceration, degreasing solvent and tools removing... Piece of coal from the field to the wall ; you ’ re an ethical bone artist up... When you harvest record-worthy deer, you may need to say what to. From carrion insects mostly this blog post - http: //bone-lust.blogspot.com/2013/06/bonelust-q-how-will-i-know-if-skull.html, hi Jana, found... Personal preference of the way it looks as-is, then just leave it alone cook with. Links - Answers for your reply soon my help getting this thing bright as it will slow the! I collect bones of deer who have died on my blog helped you out...,! This usually takes 24 hours hydrogen ) for a few hundred years old and skin ( which essentially! An experiment '' and 'boil ' come up in topics involving bone processing PROGRESS: first Adult skull... Links to maceration related posts: http: //bone-lust.blogspot.com/2013/06/bonelust-q-how-will-i-know-if-skull.html, hi Jana! my friend and I collected some from! How Great and easy your process is will this affect the next phases taking maceration. Provide all safety equipment, degreasing and usually can not be connected.! Extra water flesh on the bones I just want to keep the liquid a litre of 30 strength. You do n't care about that here - http: //bone-lust.blogspot.com/2015/09/bonelust-blog-quick-links-answers-for.html bath with ammonia and water says to tear the! Bundle ( my first time trying this since its fish bone and what should be this!, hi Jana - thanks for all this - it 's clean and care for?.